The Masque

For some reason, I felt compelled to make myself a costume for Halloween this year. Never mind that I haven’t dressed for the day in more than a decade  – this year it was a must-do. Due to the fact that free time is a bit thin on the ground around here right now, I knew it would have to be something quick and easy, while still satisfying that powerful urge to MAKE SOMETHING that was kicking me in the ass. A mask seemed just the thing …

mask back

Originally, the idea was to use only materials I already had on hand. I had some white plastic mask forms left over from a Mardi Gras project I did a couple of years ago, which I covered with a scrap of some luscious black silk velvet I had hanging around. I mod-podged the fabric down, let it dry overnight, then trimmed it and cut out the eyeholes.

I knew I wanted to use feathers somehow, but my stash was pretty low, so I took a trip to Michaels, where I vowed that I would buy a peacock feather and nothing more.


I came home with the feather, turquoise sequins, bronze glitter glue, blue satin ribbon, and plastic gems worthy of any three-year-old’s princess crown. I had no idea where I was going with any of it.

A day or two later, this is what I had. So far, so good. This, however, is where the project started getting a bit more elaborate. It needed … more … stuff …


The beaded trim was a nice touch, but I still wasn’t satisfied. “MORE!”

Ah, NOW we’re getting somewhere! But … no, it’s still not enough …

Then, on an entirely unrelated trip to one of those Halloween flash stores that mushroom every October, I found these …

I got weak in the knees.



Just one last little touch and I was done …

mask finished

I think a simple black dress, some bright blue lipstick, and I’m good. Whaddya think?

Happy Halloween!


Extreme creepiness

We all know how terrifying dolls are, right? Well, these might be the creepiest things I’ve ever seen.

Doll face candles

I found them (and a fantastic project tutorial) at Just Crafty Enough. Truly the (awesome!) stuff of nightmares …