1. October – October/U2 (duh)
  2. All This Time – The Soul Cages/Sting
  3. A Foggy Day – The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books/Ella Fitzgerald
  4. Solarized – Solarized/Ian Brown
  5. Houses of the Holy – Physical Graffiti/Led Zeppelin
  6. Perfect Day – Transformer/Lou Reed
  7. I Feel You – Songs of Love and Devotion/Depeche Mode
  8. Only Human – We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things./Jason Mraz
  9. Strange Fruit – Billie Holiday Sings/Billie Holiday
  10. Weeping Willow – Urban Hymns/The Verve
  11. (Don’t Go Back to) Rockville – Reckoning/R.E.M.
  12. L’apres-midi d’un faune – Claude Debussy
  13. The Vanishing Breed – Music for the Native Americans/Robbie Robertson
  14. I Am Stretched on Your Grave – I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got/Sinead O’Connor

a monthly soundtrack

Each month I’ll post a different playlist – some songs may be specific to the month in question, but more often it’ll be an entirely subjective sampling of tunes that, for whatever reason, evoke the season for me. Feel free to comment, offer your own suggestions, or question my taste, lol. Just be nice!