of critters and corn mazes

Fall is upon us in all its abundant glory!

This past weekend, Jamie and I visited my sister and her husband. They live in the beautiful agricultural belt of northeastern Connecticut, and we love going there to explore the windswept open hillsides and little hidden hamlets. The agenda this weekend included apple-picking and a ginormous corn maze (actually, we wimped out on the big one, opting for the 1/2 hour long ‘mini-maze’ experience instead – for Jamie’s sake, of course (ahem).

The weather wasn’t great on Saturday, but we weren’t going to be forced indoors, especially when offered the opportunity to see a herd of bison (well, really only one bison, but there were rumored to be more somewhere close by).

The beast in question turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, as he (she?) was napping when we arrived and didn’t deign to say hello. There were compensations however, in the form of several rather magnificent peacocks …

a few end-of-summer blooms,

a very sleepy bee

and one sweet little pony who was more than happy to receive a gentle scratch on the nose.

Jamie also found a feather and a teeny mushroom

and had a grand time playing on the old stone wall.

What can one do when rebuffed by a buffalo? In our case, we decided apple-picking was in order …

I was also tempted by pears …

and plums …

and some particularly lumpy gourds.

My sister and her husband are animal-lovers par excellence. They live with Luke and Roscoe, two of the loveliest dogs you’ll ever meet. And turtles and tortoises – lots of tortoises. My brother-in-law is an amateur herpetologist and raises them. Here’s one of the adult tortoises – isn’t he gorgeous?

And these two …

This guy was fascinated with the camera and seemed to be trying to climb right out of his tank to check it out.

On Sunday we went to the corn maze. This was one of the least crowded and best organized mazes I’ve done – as I said earlier, we did the mini-maze, which was perfect – not too long, but not too short, and with enough challenge to keep a six year old happily involved. Afterward, there was ice cream. Really yummy ice cream. Plus an awesome bluegrass band from Boston called Chasing Blue.

I found this climbing ivy on an old concrete wall.

And this tiny dragon!

Here’s to chilly winds and hot apple cider!

© a simple strand of purls, 2011-2012.


2 comments on “of critters and corn mazes

  1. Christina says:

    Love it, Jenny! Between the marvelous pictures and lush descriptions, I feel like I was with you and Jamie at the orchard last weekend. Bummer about the rude buffalo.

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